Who We Are

We are market leaders in accurate, reliable, efficient and verifiable traffic data collection. Traffic Watch Africa has invested in video technology, machine learning, artificial intelligent based methodologies and equipment focused in eliminating human errors in traffic data collection and analysis. 

The highly automated video based technology provides the necessary platform for quality control measures and information analysis.

What We Do

Traffic Surveys

We conduct traffic surveys by extracting accurate traffic data from recorded videos using AI and machine learning. We use cameras and drones to collect accurate data. 

In addition, we conduct semi automated and manual data Collection in low volume roads.

parking surveys

We conduct Parking surveys by collecting data on-street and off-street, to identify parking trends. This data can be used to determine lengths of stay, capacity, and usage of available parking spaces.

This data can also be used in determining future parking designs.

Number Plate surveys

Vehicle Identification and Registration data is captured using our advanced High Definition cameras. The cameras record each number plate at a specified location. Each number plate is time-stamped by time and date. This enables us to provide vehicle movements at large roundabouts, motorways, slip roads, along with accurate journey times.

Why Choose Us

Why Us?

Digital Techniques

We use modern technologies to collect and analyze data. We use High Definition Digital cameras to collect traffic data, and Artificial Intelligence machine learning to analyze and understand the data collected.


We have a strong team where each member is a specialist in their field. Together, we make sure we are giving you the best we have, while building loyalty across every touchpoint. We are professionals in everything we do and touch.

We Put You First

We pride ourselves in putting the client first. Helping you achieve your goals on time, having the correct accurate data and making the informed decision based on accurate data is what we pride ourselves in. We are here to help you.

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